Stable Releases

At the moment, Cabrio is still in development, so the beta releases below are about as stable as it gets. This will change when things setttle down a bit.

Beta Releases

The latest beta release is 0.8.2. This is a bugfix release which prevents excessive numbers of open directories, which can be a problem with very large game lists. Paths to the ffmpeg headers have been updated in the sources to reflect changes in recent Ubuntu versions (yes, these really ought to be detected automatically...).

Available downloads:

Previous Releases

The previous release is 0.8.1. You may like to use it if you have trouble with the latest and greatest. This version added the following features:

Available downloads:

Bleeding Edge Sources

If you like living on the edge, feel free to check out the very latest sources from the Git repository at:

They're not guaranteed to work, but they should at least compile. See this document for details of how to compile Cabrio from source.